Meet the team!



As a California native and a genuine believer in the adage that "to those whom much has been given, much is expected," Wayne devotes his time and energy to improving the lives and well being of the state's citizens, especially the disadvantaged and suffering. In the public sphere, he has taken strides to address the crisis in the California Penal System by taking a significant role with projects such as The Urban Ministry Institute and Prison Fellowship, which offer students transformational opportunities through seminary training.

In 2013, he founded Serving California Foundation, a non-profit that facilitates healing for people who have experienced suffering, including military families, victims of crime, and inmates looking to rebuild their lives.

Wayne’s leadership and desire to make changes for the good of all Californians led to his support of Proposition 47, Californians for Safe Schools and Neighborhoods Act, which was approved by voters with a +60% margin. On the national front, Wayne serves on the board of Right on Crime, a criminal justice reform advocacy group.

In 2000, Wayne was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Oaks Christian School in Thousand Oaks, California. He served on the school’s Board of Directors for nine years. 

Wayne's career began with family business - Public Storage - where he excelled at real estate development and served as Vice President-Acquisitions from 1988 to 1998. In 2005 he founded and began serving as Executive Vice President of American Commercial Equities, LLC and its affiliates. The company is engaged in the acquisition and operation of commercial properties in California and Hawaii. 

Wayne graduated from USC with a BA in Performing Arts. He currently resides in Central California and splits time between the ocean and his ranch. He has two children.




Born and raised in San Luis Obispo County, Rick Scantlin is a 5th generation central coast native who's love for the land and livestock began at an early age. Both his mother's and father's sides of the family have deep roots in farming, ranching, and heavy equipment. As long as he can remember, summers, weekends, and any free time was spent at his grandfather’s property in Priest Valley, California. Whether on a tractor or a horse or just working alongside his dad, he was happy. 

He started 4-H at 10 years old raising beef cattle until becoming a member of the FFA, raising swine, cattle and growing hay. Rick attended Templeton Schools until graduating in 1994. Active in rodeo throughout high school, he competed in multiple events qualifying for California state championship rodeos as well as the High school National Finals Rodeo. After graduation he attended West Hills junior college, competing in intercollegiate rodeos. He then realized that a more “hands on” practical approach better suited him, so he went back home, got a job operating heavy equipment and entering rodeos on weekends. While pursuing a career as a heavy equipment operator in the International Union of Operating Engineers working on both large and small excavation projects as well as environmental clean-ups throughout the state he still made time to farm, tend to his own livestock, and lend a hand to other local ranchers. At one point when construction slowed down his brother got him a job for 6 months at Harris Ranch feedlot, riding pens identifying sick cattle, doctoring sick cattle, loading trucks, receiving cattle, and "battling" company horses. Then it was back to construction and while it was a good living he was seldom home, traveling for work got tiring, at one time as far as Queens, New York. it was time for a change so he decided to go to work for himself fulltime, with no limits to the jobs he took the work ranged from building fence of any kind, custom discing/farming, orchard maintenance, excavation, grading, welding, and day work cowboy. 

This decision gave him the freedom to tend to his livestock and grow his own crops, but in January 2012 Rick had the opportunity to move his family to SkyRose Ranch and even though this meant not being self employed, he knew there could be no better place to raise his family and dig in roots. After working as a ranch hand and cowboy for two and a half years in July 2014 he was promoted to Ranch Manager. Now he is responsible for an extensive hay farming operation, a growing commercial cattle operation, and a purebred registered angus herd as well as the many projects and day to day duties that come along with a ranch the size of SkyRose. Being at SkyRose Ranch has given him many opportunities to put his passion for the land, the enviroment, and livestock to good use. Having the fortunate opportunities to attend clinics, conventions, and seminars gives him the tools he needs make decisions to either stay with conventional methods or take a different avenue. "Things change in this business, it's important to stay current, be opened minded, and educate yourself to keep up." Rick lives on SkyRose Ranch with his wife and two children and while ranching and farming doesn't give him many days off, he is blessed to be home with his kids every night and cherishes the time he gets with his family. "I guess in a way, I do work from home!"



There is no other way to describe our employees, but family! No matter what the task, we work hand in hand to ensure the success of our ranch. Whether its calving season or hay season, or all the other days in between, we could not suceed without our fabulous SkyRose family!

Our Crop Foreman Danny Ramirez has been tending the crops on the southern end of SkyRose for the past 20 years. Previously known as the BMT Ranch, Danny has a knack for knowing how to make a great bale of hay. If you stop by, make sure to ask him about his younger years as a jockey!

Rafael Ochoa is our Super-Star Ranch Foreman. Rafael started at SkyRose as a Ranch Hand, but quickly proved his worth and rose to the challenge of becoming our Ranch Foreman. Rafael was raised with horses and cattle, so working at SkyRose is like being at home! He never ceases to amaze us with his dedication and desire to see SkyRoseRanch succeed.

Hector, Guillermo, Jose, Carlos, Everardo and Rodolfo are the best Ranch Hands anyone could ask for! From farming to fence fixing and horseback to heavy equipment, these men are top notch with their tasks on the ranch and we are so happy to have them as part of our SkyRose family.