Who We Are

SkyRose Ranch is located in central California, 100 miles north of Santa Barbara and 80 miles south of Salinas. We are just 7 miles outside of the small town of San Miguel. Our ranch stretches between Indian Valley and Vineyard Canyon towards Parkfield, and the landscape expresses many different terrains that range from Alfalfa and grain hay covered flats, to gentle rolling hills dotted with several varieties of oak woodland. There is also an abundance of pine and juniper trees. As you travel from one side of the ranch to the other it's almost impossible to find a bad view. This is California 200 years ago.

SkyRose is close to 20,000 acres of prime livestock grazing and the condition of our cattle prove that to be true. Our commercial herd consists of primarily Black Angus cows with a couple whitefaces in the bunch; our cows definitely have it made.

We practice a planned grazing approach based upon frequent moves during the growing season, always keeping our cattle moving to new feed and fresh grass. We go out of our way to not overstock or over graze any one particular area. Numerous troughs and wildlife guzzlers are placed throughout the ranch, therefore water at SkyRose is offered more frequently than most operations, and it makes our hot summer months less stressful as cattle and wildlife have no need to travel great distances for a drink.

Sky Rose is also home to many different species of wildlife, some of which are known to graze right along with our livestock as we have several resident herds of Tule Elk, an abundance of Blacktail Deer, and no shortage of Wild Pigs. Other animals that call SkyRose home include Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Badger, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Red Tail Hawk, Wild Turkeys and several different species of Owls just to name a few. At our ranch we believe that all species of wildlife are welcome and, while managed and kept in balance, can benefit this valuable ecosystem.